Rapid changes taking place in Russia as well as worldwide have become a tendency. These changes are so deep that anyone could hardly predict what the world would look like in the nearest future. However, by educating our children we can influence the future society and help each little person find his place in life and become successful. Our educational center “STEP” was created as an initiative of experts in the sphere of education, pedagogues, and parents. The experts’ team consists of creative, talented and devoted professionals.



Unique experience of solving ecological challenges, international dialogue, deep dive into astonishing nature of Russia. Experience all of this with our summer and winter camps for teenagers on lake Baikal and mount Elbrus!



Center of Educational Innovations “STEP” in cooperation with Expertbaby.ru presents the new form of educational tourism – educational trip country of fairy tales – Denmark.



Center of Educational Innovations “STEP” presents you a wide range of consultations on family issues and children education offered to you by the best experts of Russia.


Innovative Methods of Education
System of Education in Finland is a vivid example of children motivation and proper approach of pedagogues as cornerstones of the most successful education. Finnish students are always among leaders in the international PIISA contest being held annually among the students of various countries. Finland owes these results to their socially-oriented system of relationships.


Our Experts

Alena Ramonova
Project Leader, International Educational Projects Coordinator

Olga Shiyan
PhD in pedagogics, Leading Scientist of Children Development Academy

Zhanna Sugak
PhD in psychology, Founder of Non-government Educational Center “Glagol”

Tatyana Morozova
PhD in psychology, practicing behavioral therapist