About us

Rapid changes taking place in Russia as well as worldwide have become a tendency. These changes are so deep that anyone could hardly predict what the world would look like in the nearest future. However, by educating our children we can influence the future society and help each little person find his place in life and become successful. Our educational center “STEP” was created as an initiative of experts in the sphere of education, pedagogues, and parents. The experts’ team consists of creative, talented and devoted professionals.

For pedagogues: we carry out trainings and various project seminars in course of which pedagogues obtain a solid theoretical base as well as practical skills. It is essential for pedagogues to make a free and responsible choice and to be able to build their own professional activity by themselves. This is possible only in conditions of independence and initiative. On our project seminars you will have an opportunity to make such kind of professional probe and receive a brand new unique experience.

For parents: parents should become not just consumers of educational services and side observers but equal and equally responsible partners of educators, being able to take decisions in any aspect of education of their children. We offer you various forms of work with parents – from educational trips to deep dive into the best international practices. Parents can always get a consultation from educational expert, psychologist or behavioral therapist. For managers in the sphere of education: change management, human resources management, Federal Government Educational Standards implementation, creating the project team of pedagogues.

For teenagers: exceptional opportunity to participate in various Russian and international projects aimed at research, developing and implementation of social projects with children from different countries.

We work with the best schools of Russia, including Moscow. Over 700 pedagogues and 300 parents have participated in our project seminars so far. We work with governmental organizations as well as with non-governmental.

Dozens of public educational facilities, private kindergartens, and schools all over Russia from Tomsk to Moscow have already become our clients. Using services of Center of Educational Innovations “STEP” you can be sure to receive quality and tangible results in short terms.
Center of Educational Innovations “STEP” and the team of the best experts will help you achieve your most ambitious goals and receive best results in short terms! Investing in education of children today you help them build bright future!

Entrust the future to professionals.