Educational Program in Finland

System of Education in Finland is a vivid example of children motivation and proper approach of pedagogues as cornerstones of the most successful education. Finnish students are always among leaders in the international PIISA contest being held annually among the students of various countries. Finland owes these results to their socially-oriented system of relationship.

The main features of educational system in this country are availability and flexibility (there are no “elite” schools or classes, the educational program is unified). Education in Finland is and always was free of charge, the assessment system in schools differs from the classic five-grade scale. Each class is always projected separately depending on educational course and other factors. It goes without saying – it is impossible to tell everything about Finnish system of education – you need to see it with your own eyes!

Center of Educational Innovations “STEP” offers you a unique opportunity to experience the Finnish system of education in course of our professional training. Four absolutely different and unique in a way educational facilities of different levels (preschool, general school, high school) best pedagogues which will tell you all about their system in full play with pleasure. You will get an unprecedented opportunity to take part in classes and other school activities, which will help you not only hear the theory but also put it in practice.

To participate in the training please submit your request to, or call us at +7 (977) 440-61-62 or submit a request through feedback form.