1. Private Kindergarten “KIDS PLANET”



It is very important for loving mothers and fathers to develop their child in various ways and aspects, offer them to live a happy and full-fledged childhood. But how can you make this little human happy so that he grows up a healthy person both emotionally and physically? Natural condition for a kid is to be active and play emotionally rich games. In Kids Planet we have a tutoring program which is not only rich with deep study of English language and developing Montessori classes, but also expanded by physical and therapeutic activities built on the basis of health-preserving and health-forming technologies, such as:

  • Child health monitoring;
  • Hardening;
  • Forming proper body posture and correction of abnormalities;
  • Regulated aspiration and breathing exercises;
  • Elements of massage and manual dexterity;
  • Vitaminization;
  • Colour therapy;
  • Eye care minutes;
  • Immune and Image gymnastics;
  • Teaching sports disciplines elements;
  • Valeological classes,
  • Joint family health building programs.

We will teach the kids sense of rhythm, plasticity, and body coordination, body management skills, and make safe movements, strengthen up personal hygiene habits, tutor positive approach to personal health and healthy way of life, thus helping them to shape their will, character, persistence, acumen. We will make our classes a miracle and give it out to the kids.

2. First remote center of children education – educational center for parents and preschool kids