Fairy Tale Trip to Denmark for Kids


Center of Educational Innovations “STEP” in cooperation with Expertbaby.ru offers a brand new form of educational tourism – educational trip to country of magic – Denmark.

In course of our educational trip we offer you more than just a journey. This is a complete program of educational trip for kids and parents. For 4-7 year old kids we offer an opportunity to participate in a magic story which begins in Russia. To learn new interesting things, save Thumbelina, talk with Ole Lukøje, and help Gerda find Kay one needs to come a challenging way that begins in Russia and ends in Denmark. We guarantee you maximum inclusiveness in educational process: fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers together with their kids take part in exciting adventure. These holidays will be incomparable with those you’ve spent before. You will remember this trip not only by suntan which will wash away in October but new emotions, acquaintances, knowledge, and a feeling of complete mutual understanding with your kid! You will sure get rest, restore your energy for new achievements, and place a new pin on the map of the world.

In course of educational trip you will draw together with painting master on the streets of Denmark, visit special places on our magical map, and get acquainted with marvelous country through fairy-tales. This will be a sound educational trip with accompanied by the best professionals on the streets of Denmark.

For mothers and fathers, grandpas and grandmas there will be a separate special program, including a course on unlocking creative capacity (Svetlana Pogodina), training on positive coaching (Irina Vorobyova), a series of trainings on the children psychology and methods of revealing children capabilities (Irina Vorobyova and Zhanna Sugak).

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By the end of this program you will get priceless experience, learn to draw, learn to play with children. Even those grown-ups who consider themselves not capable to create, will reveal their creative capacities and experiment with paints, colors, and various materials and learn to play and imagine once again in their life.

The kids will sure at once get involved in new interesting adventures and tasks! We will play, draw, walk around and explore our wonderful world! Parents can get advice from pedagogue and psychologist, kids can explore new games and occupations. We will do things that unify the family, makes it possible for everyone to reveal their potential, learn to say and do useful and pleasant things to our folks. We hope that our camp will draw the right vector for further development and strengthening of families!

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You can get a detailed program of educational trip to Copenhagen in an email in reply to your application. Take part in our educational trip and it will become your most unforgettable adventure!

Now we collect group for Summer 2016. For details contact us by phone. Length of educational trip – 6 days.

This offer is only for the most decisive parents, who want to change their lives here and now, who do not hesitate and fully interested in their development and development of their children. Hurry up! Probably, there won’t be any other chance! The price of the program will only grow!

Ready to join us? Send your request to stepcenter@yandex.ru, call us at +7 (977) 440-61-62 or fill in the feedback form and we will tell you what to do!

Price for participation in educational trip – 2750 EUR (one child and one adult).
Included: flight Moscow – Copenhagen, Copenhagen – Moscow, visa processing, lodging, breakfast and lunch, educational program for kids and parents, excursions.